Easy and Simple Fruit Custard for this Summer.

Custard powder---------2table spoons mixed in a 1/4 cup of cold milk
Sugar-------------------1/2 cup(160ml)
Grapes chopped----1/4cup
Oranges sliced------1/4cup
Apple chopped to small cubes---1/4cup
Avocado chopped to small cubes--1/4cup
banana chopped in to rounds--------------1/4cup
Karjura/ dates chopped-----1ts
Dry nuts--------1ts(optional)

You can add any of fruits such as mango, etc., except fruits like water melon they release water in to custard and make it non tasty.

  1.  Condense the milk under medium flame till they become 3/4 of the original volume.
  2. Add Custard mixture to the milk and boil until the mixture get thick.
  3. Add sugar, mix well and boil for few min and turn off the stove.
  4. let the mixture cool to the room temperature.
  5. Now, add All fruits and stir the mixture well and finally garnish it with dry fruits and freeze it.
  6. Enjoy the healthy chill salad on hot summer.

Cut apples and banana just before adding into the salad becoz the they turn brown if they are exposed to air for a long time, this spoils the taste ana also appearance of ur salad..

I know this is very simple recipe many of you may know it b4 but i want to see this in my blog....so im keeping it.....Hope u like my recipe


  1. Am a big fan of custard..love the colorful and yummy bowl..

    Aaha Oho

  2. Fruit custard looks delicious.

  3. First time here....
    fruit custard looks delicious...
    U have a wonderful space, glad to follow u :)

    visit my space when u find time.

  4. I like the recipe! Always love any dessert made from fresh fruits! Thanks for sharing!

  5. thnQ frndz :) 4r ur valuable comments

  6. Hi Deepthi, first time here...you got me right in with your yummy sunny custard :) Following you dear, please do visit my blog and it's always wonderful to get a new follower :)) cheers, priya

  7. thnQ priya...i'm following ur blog too and i'm happy to do!!!!


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