Banana Orange dessert

Hello folkes,
    ThnQ for your well wishes. I do not know that bloggywood friends show this much sisterhood. I find many of my folks asking about our safety. This blog and you all have become very much part of my life now.

Yesterday was a very bad day, though there was a tornado watch, I never thought it would turn to a warning. Me and my hubby hold hand in hand and just prayed to god. God answered our prayers.

Really that was terrific. Now we are safe and happy, bcoz tornado didnt not cause any loss to common wealth of Kentucky. Now you say enough of the story ;)...., so i'm stopping and presenting you the yummy and colorful dessert.

Banana-Orange Dessert:
Banana's--6 small size/ 3 medium size (Ripe and Sweet banana's should be prefered)
Orange juice-1cup (160ml)
Butter--1/2 slice
Brown Sugar/ Grated Jaggery-1cup (160ml)
Dry fruits- walnut, Almonds, Cashew nut (all together 1/2 cup)
Elachi/ Cardamom powder-1/2ts (optional)


  1. Peel out bananas and make them into medium size slices and keep aside.
  2. Take a deep bottom vessel and melt butter then, add dry nuts and saute until they turn into golden brown.
  3. Add Orange juice to the melted butter and boil this mixture under medium flame for about 5min.
  4. Now, add Brown sugar/ jaggery and mix well. Boil this mixture until the consistency of the mixture turns medium thick.
  5. Add Banana and mix throughly. Cook this mixture for about 10min in simmer. 
  6. Finally finish it by garnishing with cardamom powder (optional )...I didn't use it as I don't want to loose the aroma of orange in my dessert.

Kids will love it.....we enjoyed this dish.....hope you all like it... :)

plz come back again :) Deepthi


  1. so flavorful and yummy!!

  2. sounds gud...very new to the colour

  3. thnQ sarah naveen and biny anoop for stopping by...

  4. Very cool dessert...color is more attractive definitely kids will love it..we were in Kentucky(Lexington city) for 2 yrs..tats very lovely place n I miss so much...

  5. Yummy and very colorful looking dessert...

  6. thnQ sangee for stopping by....
    yeah!!!! ky is the cool place....
    i'm in love with this beautiful place....
    Good to know that u hv been here..... :)

  7. Deepthi- very glad to hear that tornado warning passed off without any loss, cheers ! the dessert sounds so yum, nice combo

  8. This is really unique dessert. Lovely colour too.

  9. very nice desert so different and very easy to do...

  10. thnQ priya sreerem , raji and chitra for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments....

  11. looks a new one..a real appeal to me!!!

  12. YUmmmmmy! Lovely simple recipe!Agreed on dropping the cardamom... they may be a little overpowering for this. :)

  13. Glad that you guys are safe, Banana orange dessert looks absolute yumm.

  14. Dessert looks super delicious,fabulous combo..

  15. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    this is really good..havent tried this one before and i think its great

  16. Dessert looks yummy.great combo..

    Sunanda's Kitchen

  17. I wish my kids liked bananas as this sounds really tasty! I just read that you actually SAW a tornado! scary. I have only seen one...and that was many years ago. Glad to know you're safe.

  18. Lovely dessert. Loved the combo too.

  19. Lovely combo .. bookmarked.


  20. Glad to know you are safe.Dessert looks yummy.

  21. thnQ frndz for stopping by and leaving ur lovely comments :)

    @ puspha,swathi and lizzy....thnX for ur well wishes.....yeah!! we are safe now.....
    @vardhini thnX for bookmarking it!!!

  22. Different combination.Looks so yummy and delicious.Bookmarked it
    South Indian Recipes

  23. Good anf healthy dessert..Something new..great idea

  24. That looks wonderful and delicious with lovely colour.

  25. It's simple and yum....happy that u r safe.....this dessert is perfect to celebrate....

  26. Banana Orange dessert Recipe you provide is very useful to me. I Really like Banana Test. Banana vith ornage is new thing for me. I Really try it.

  27. Thankyou for visiting my place, you have a delicious blog too.

  28. What a delightful dessert !
    US Masala

  29. hi....
    this really sounds good and looks colorful ...i also liked your kada recipe.


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