Muthia( Indian healthy snacks)

Muthia is new to me. This is the first time I gave a try. They came out really good. My hubby who never like to try new varieties tried this on my request and he liked it a lot. Now this snack is approved in my home and I am happy that I have got another healthy snack item in my kitchen menu that I can prepare very instantly. Muthia is similar to khandvi but it has got cabbage extra. Believe me it tastes awesome.
Without being late coming to the recipe.
This recipe will serve 2
Cabbage washed and finely chopped 2 cups
Basin/gram flour/senaga pindi- 1cup
Oil 4 tbsp divided
Salt to taste
Green chili paste 1 tbsp
Fresh Fenugreek leaves chopped 3 tbsp(or kasurimethi powder)
Cumin seeds 1/2 tbsp
Citric acid 1/4 tbsp or eno fruit salt 1/4 tbsp
Turmeric 1/8tbsp

For seasoning
Sesame seeds/ till/nuvvulu- 1tbsp
Whole red chili 2
Mustard seeds 1/2 tbsp

Mix all the ingredients together leaving the seasoning ingredients. The water in the cabbage should be enough for mixing or you can add little water if you require. The consistency of the batter should be little thicker than idli batter. Now grease the idli plates( microwave safe) and pour the batter in to the moulds and cook in microwave for 5 min and check with fork. If the fork come out clean they are done else cook for another 2 min. It took 7 min to cook my muthia. You can make them in ordinary cooker or steamer, if you are using ordinary cooker do not keep whistle on top and cook for 10-15 min like idli. Now when the muthia's are ready take them out let them cool and cut them to 4 equal parts. For seasoning heat 2 tbsp of oil in a pan and add mustard seeds when they splatter add red chili and sesame seeds when they are done cooking add Muthia and sauté them till they turn golden brown. Finally garnish with cilantro if you wish. Hope you like my recipe.
indian healthy snacks


  1. Hey DD! This is amazing. I always thought muthia is difficult to make but you make it sound so easy. Tempted to try it out now at 11 pm. You could send this to my event
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  2. wow...completely new n interesting..goes to my must try list now..:)

    Tasty Appetite

  3. Healthy and yummy snack idea dear....

  4. Love this too ...looks so nice ..nice pics

  5. I need to give it a try too as I love muthia a lot and always eat store bought only. It is time I tried it at home.


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