Glossary- Translation of Indian Grocery

Translation of Indian vegetables pulses, cereals, spices, Vegetables, flour, fruits in English, Hindi, Telugu, urdu, tamil, malyalam, kannadam, marati, assame, gujrathi, orya, punjabi, tulu simhala, tulu.
To translate / check the words click on the link below. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • 1 Pulses
  • 2 Cereals
  • 3 Spices
  • 4 Cucumbers, gourds, and squashes
  • 5 Leaf vegetables
  • 6 Root vegetables
  • 7 Other Vegetables
  • 8 Nuts
  • 9 Legumes
  • 10 Flour
  • 11 Fruits
  • Translation: From telugu to english
    Chintapandu in english is tamarind,
    Aavalu in english is Mustard sees
    Jeera or jeelakara in english- Cumin seeds
    Kothimera in enhlish is cilantro/coriander
    Palakura in english is spinach
    karive paku in english is curry leaf
    Allam in english- Ginger
    Velli papaya in english is garlic
    Alugadda in english is potato
    bendakaya in english is  oakra/ladies finger
    vankaya in english is brinjal
    kakairkaya in english is bitter gourd
    mirapakaya/mirchi  in english is chili/green chili
    daniyalu  in english is coriander seeds
    elachi in english is cardamom
    dalchini chekka in english is cinnamon
    karam in english is red chili powder
    ulligadda in english is onions


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