How to wash Mixie Jar easily?

My friend Ravali, gave this wonderful tip. It really helps, saves time and easy to do. After use it is really hard to clean the mixie jar. To over come this problem you just add some water and little soap solution, attach it to mixie and give a quick turn under low speed. Later you can just rinse with water and store it. Thank your for the very useful tip ravali :)


  1. I simply soak it with soap water solution b4 washing and that helps me ..But this sounds very easy..Thanks for sharing DD

  2. that's a useful tip..will try

  3. Very nice tip, will try it next time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tip.

  4. wow dear nice tips...thanks for sharing...

  5. If you rotate a bread piece after that,there won't be any smell left.which i practice for long now.

  6. easy and time saver!!
    thnx for sharing


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