Pan Cake with self rising flour

Yummy I love pan cakes they are somewhat near to our Indian Dosa. They are fluffy, soft and delicious in taste. I love having them any time during day with honey!!!!....

Here is the recipe for easy pan cakes.
Self rising all purpose flour-2cups
Sugar-2table spoons
Salt 1/4 table spoon
Cinnamon powder/nutmeg powder/ cardamom powder-1/2ts ( optional)

  • Take self rising flour in a bowl.
  • Take eggs in a separate bowl and beat them add little milk and beat  them well.
  • Add sugar + salt to this mixture and mix again now add remaining milk and  mix well.
  • Add this complete mixture to the all purpose flour and mix well. The consistency of the mixture should be just  like the dosa batter i.e when you take little flour and drop from top it should fall in a single line.

  • Refrigerate this mixture for about 30min.
  • Now, take the skillet and heat it add olive oil / butter to the pan and take one big spoon of batter and add just like dosa on to the pan.

  • Wait for some time, when the bubbles start appearing on the top flip the pan cake and cook untill golden brown, always medium flame is preferred while making them.

  • Decorate this pan cake with honey and fruits you like.

Hope you like my recipe :)
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  1. Nice post Deepthi ! Just wondering if self raising all purpose flour is not handy, can this be made with maida ?

  2. flavorful and yummy breakfast...

  3. i love this dish...very yummy will try soon

  4. @ bengali mon in Mumbai:
    First of all thnks for stopping by my space.
    You can substitute maida, the actual recipe of pan cake is done using maida and baking powder
    You can just visit
    to know hoe to substitute self-rising flour with maida and baking powder :)

  5. @ vimitha, aarthi and krithi thnX for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments :)

  6. Pancakes looks fabulous,filling and delicious..prefect breakfast..

  7. sounds great, never cooked with self-raising flour before.

  8. Delicious looking pancakes...

  9. delicious for breakfast looks wonderful

  10. That looks so fluffy and delicious! Great for breakfast!

  11. nice fluffy son will love this...

  12. Pancake loos yummy Deepthi.. great way to start a day with this!!
    Sunanda's Kitchen

  13. Very fluffy and yum..

    Rinku - Kinnathappam

  14. ThnQ frndz for your lovely comments:)

  15. so fluffy and perfectly done !!

  16. Pancakes look delicious...great recipe..following u:) visit me as time permits..

  17. would come to ur place daily if u would serve me this for breakfast ;) yummylicious :P


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